TRANSFORMING THE DARK DEITY OF TRAUMA A Passionate Path to the Inner Divine

Trauma isn’t just for the unlucky victims in the accident we pass by on the road.   The traumatic impact of death, violence, illness and loneliness is a dark deity in   the heart of our everyday psychological and biological reality. The compelling   fear and darkness of seemingly intractable traumas can become the central theme that patterns and re-patterns our daily lives. In this program we will explore ways to wake the dormant transformational energies within trauma itself.

The enthralling power of this condition can be overwhelming and petrifying. Strong measures are needed to counteract it. Jung advises, ”I would not rest until amid the pain a light appeared to me, for in excessu affectus [in an excess of affect or passion] Nature reverses herself.”

How might we arouse a healing passion that actually encourages nature to reverse herself? In each deep trauma there lies a paradoxical matrix, a flow chart of energy, that if recognized, can awaken our own embodied, unique divinity.


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