Jung and Eastern Spirituality

Jung used alchemy as the cornerstone of his psychology.  Not until Jung was first introduced to the Taoist treatise The Secret of The Golden Flower could he begin to make sense of many of the obscure alchemical texts with which he had struggled for years.  The analogies he found between these texts and his psychology of individuation opened up a new frontier for his work.

This course will focus on how the development of many of Jung’s theories are rooted in Eastern practices such as Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga and the I-Ching, and how ancient concepts such as acupuncture and Tibetan Dream Yoga are relevant to Jungian healing processes.  We will also explore how this synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas led to the evolution of contemporary mind-body healing techniques and such concepts as the subtle body and embodied dream work.  Participants are encouraged to share their related experiences.  Reading materials will be supplied.

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